The Oriflame Home Business Exposed

Oriflame Reviews

The Oriflame network marketing company is now known as one of the leading brands of cosmetic products worldwide. It all began in 1967 when the company was started by Jonas & Robert Jochnick in 1967 who wanted to put the natural beauty associated with Sweden into a product. The idea was not only to create a high quality range of products, but also give everyone the chance to build wealth for themselves. Right from the start they operated on the person to person marketing concept, still to this day they encourage home parties and demonstrations as the main form of marketing.

Since beginning life they have grown immensely and have five of their own production plants around the world, plus are selling their products in 62 countries and are the leading brand in half of those countries. There is an independent sales force of approximately 3.5 million worldwide and Oriflame's estimated turnover is around 3.5 million Euros each year, some very impressive figures indeed. There is also a highly qualified team of executive staff taking this company forward, plus a corporate staffing of 8 thousand, anyone can be confident that they are joining a company that's going to be around for a while. V:102

The Product Range From Oriflam

There is a range of around 950 products to choose from, all based on natural ingredients and NOT tested on animals. All their products are designed to offer the best results and many new products are added each year. In the product line up you will find skin care, cosmetics, fragrances, personal & hair care, wellness products and accessories. There are over 100 technicians on their Research & Development team, constantly working on the latest cutting edge technologies.

Making money with Oriflame

You can make money with Oriflame by selling products to customers and making an override profit. Alternatively you can create residual income by building a team of distributors under you, then when they make sales, you will make a profit also. Obviously you will have the support of your upline who should be more experienced than you; you will also receive a starter pack when joining. This has promotional materials and product samples to help you get started.

Oriflame usually run special offers every three weeks and a new updated catalogue is sent out to reflect this, they will also give you an internet marketing website so you can use the internet to help build your business. With this type of business and products, you need a way to sell products and find new team members. Oriflame advise that the best method is by hosting your own home parties and demonstrations and this probably is the best way. It's easy to do and effective and allows you to form great relationships with customers and potential business partners.

MLM lead generation is indeed a numbers game and you will need to talk to a lot of people in order to grow any kind of team. It's just the way it works, most people you talk to probably won't be interested in the opportunity. A lot of new people getting started in the industry will prospect their friends, family and contacts. Whilst this is a good way to start, it's probably not going to build a sustainable business long term.

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