Building Your Site Traffic Using Site Metrics

Understanding where your traffic is coming from using raw server logs and behavior data isn't enough for your online business. This information is referred to as site metrics. This simply means website data that is being measured. There is a lot more that you really need to know about as it concerns what people are doing on your site. The moment they land, you have to be tracking them and measuring everything. Capturing this information is the only way you will know the truth, and it is the only intelligent way you can make decisions. link, Street Smart Profits

This is the best way to work with what you have already to uncover great opportunities that are already hidden within your website. When you've been running the site for a while then this, as well as some time spent doing research, is all you actually need. But for now, what you want to do is monitor the performance metrics for all your pages. This should already be one of your habits and you know what that's important. So analyze your page metrics and classify them in order from high to low traffic. There are a bunch of ways that you can use this information but for now, let's just focus on one of the important things that concerns monetization.

One of the very unfortunately things you're going to deal with is that Google's keyword research tool has a really bad reputation for lacking accuracy. Google is well known for over estimating their search volume and presenting those inflated numbers to the public. There has been many mentions of Google working to correct this but based on what we've seen nothing has really changed. So, bear in mind that your traffic may be totally normal and you optimized or chose keywords using misleading information. There are thousands of marketers who have been bitten by this, so don't worry; you're not alone.

Let's look at another way you can use reviews for your review site online. People love to read about the positives and negatives of a particular product they are interested in.

This is what is called a "drilling down" strategy. It is very specific in regard to the information it discusses. Good, and bad, perspectives will be discussed in the review revealing both aspects of the product itself. You will find so much information when you do this, you literally won't be able to use it all. Plus, you can interject your own opinions, arguing with whatever point of view that you want to address.

In addition to the review site suggestions discussed here, today, you can still do more. It's a very good idea to sit down and look at things from a more creative angle. By combining your own strategies, with the ones we have presented, and using the traditional methods, you can make a great review site.

Just do whatever you want, and test them as you go along. Testing is your best marketing buddy because it never lies to you.