An Impartial Review Of The Pampered Chef Home Business

The Pampered Chef

Welcome to this Pampered Chef review, they are a company producing kitchen ware through a network marketing business model.

If you like food and cooking then this might be the opportunity for you, whatever product you are promoting its always helpful if you have a passion for it. Becoming involved with this opportunity opens the door to fine food preparations, kitchen and cooking utensils, plus cookbooks with recipes. You will be able to get the usual things you would find in the kitchen as you will see in this Pampered Chef review, but they also have designed their own nifty tools to make food preparation, quicker, easier and more fun.

Former economist and educator Doris Christopher first had the idea of the Pampered Chef product line, she was particular surprised at the lacking of good cooking tools and in 1980 founded the company officially. With the products designed and produced she marketed them through her own efforts by holding home parties and demonstrations.

You will see the products on some of the well know price comparison sites with great raving reviews which is always a good sign. In order to sell these products you will probably do best to take the companies advice and hold your own in home demonstrations, these are the sort of products that people are going to buy if they see them in action.

If you want a good selling point and confidence booster to prospective clients, then the fact that the company is owned by Warren Buffets Berkshire Hathaway will help. Warren is known as one of the wealthiest people alive, ranked the 3rd richest in 2010! He isn't going to invest in something unless it's worthwhile. You can guarantee that the company will go from strength to strength with such solid backing.

Right now they operate in the UK, Germany, US, Mexico and Canada with the head office being in Illinois, they are planning to take the business into other countries soon. To give you an idea of the size for the company they currently employ 750 staff, which for a network marketing company is a lot. Worldwide there are around 70,000 distributors.

Earning an income with this business opportunity

You will be able to make money from retail sales of products at your home demonstrations, but also from recruiting new distributors into your team. The idea being is that you will make money from their sales and recruiting efforts, this is how you will develop a residual income. Don't be fooled into thinking this is an easy way to make money though, there is lots of hard work to be done to get to the point where you can just watch the money roll in. Unless you like, food, cooking and interacting with people then this probably isn't a suitable business for you.

Pampered Chef are a great company with good products and a strong leadership team, this isn't going to ensure your success though. Its important for your success that you are already (or become) good at making presentations and MLM sponsoring. It's important that you are able to lead your team to success, using duplicatable systems and training.